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Get a guide for making assignments.

The in-text citation reference is used to quote something or someone in between sentences. The reference list or bibliography is the complete description of the original source as a reference. the main referencing styles used in universities and their in-text and reference list citation formats of books, websites, and journals:

1. Harvard Referencing Style

For Books

In-text citation: Author surname, year [e.g. (Rosen, 1990)]

Reference List: Author surname, initials. (Year). Source. Place: publisher. [e.g. Rosen, Harvey. (1990). Public finance. The UK, Penguin books.]

For websites:

In-text citation:  (The author(s) and date created)

Reference list:   Author(s) surname, initial. (Date of publication). Website Title.

For journals:

In-text citation: (The author(s) and date published)

Reference list: Author(s), initials. (Year of publication). 'Article title' Journal title Volume of the journal, issue number of journal. Page range of the article.

2. American Psychological Association (APA) Style Referencing

For books: 

In-text citation: (Author surname, year, page number.)

[e.g. Rosen, 1990, p. 100]

Reference list: Author surname, Initials. (Year). Source Name. Place: Publisher. (Source name must be in italics)

E.g. Fitzgerald, F.S.(1950). The Great Gatsby. Harmondsworth: Penguin Books.

For websites:

In-text citation:  (Author surname, year, p.)  p= page number

Reference list:   Author(s) surnames, initials. (Year Month Date published). Article Title. Retrieved from URL.

For journals:

In-text citation:   (Author surname, year, p.)

Reference ListAuthor(s), year of publication, Article Title, Journal Name, volume number, issue number, page number range of the article.

3. Modern Language Association (MLA)  Style Referencing

For books:

In-text citation- (Author Surname, Year) e.g. (Morrison, 2016)

Reference list: Author surname, initials. (Year). Source Name. Place: Publisher.

(Source name must be in italics) e.g. Morrison, T. (2016). Beloved. London: Vintage.

For websites:

In-text citation:  ("Title of page" Year published)

Reference List:  Author’s Last name, First name. “Title of the Article or Page.” Title of the Website, Name of the Publisher, Date of Publication in DD/MM/YYYY format, URL.

For journals:

In-text citation(Author surname and page range)

Reference List: Author's Last name, first name. "Article Title." Journal Title Series Volume. Issue (Year Published): Page(s). Print.

4. Chicago Style Referencing

For books:

In-text citation:  (Author(s) Surname, Year) e.g. (Rowling and Dale 1999)

Reference list: (Author(s) surname, first name. Year. Source Name. Place: publisher. (Source name must be in italics)

e.g. Rowling, J.K, and Dale, Jim. 1999. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. New York: Listening Library.

For websites:

In-text citations:  (Author surname and Year Published)

Reference List: Author surname, first name. Year. "Page Title" Website Name. URL

For journals:

In-text citations:  (Author surname and year published)

Reference List:  Author surname, first name. Year. "Article Title". Journal Name volume (issue no.): pages used.

5. American Medical Association (AMA) Style Referencing

For books:

In-text citation:  (Author Surname Date) e.g. (Chase 2016)

Reference List: (Authors Surname, First name. Year. Source name. Place: Publisher.

(Source name must be in italics)

E.g. Furlong, Ronald. 1966. Clinical Surgery. London: Butterworths.

 For websites:

In-text citation:  (Author surname and date)

Reference List:   Author surname First name initial. Page Title. Website Name. URL. Published Year. Accessed date.

For journals:

In-text citation: (Author surname and date)

Reference List:  Author surname First name initial. Journal name. Year of publication: volume number, issue number, page numbers.

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